Tiger Aviation Team

Experienced Team Working with International Clients

The Tiger Aviation Team

The Tiger Team have been providing training services for almost 30 years. During this time, we have delivered up to 5,000 flight training hours per year, as well as much more ground training, to Companies, Governments and OEMs. Many Civil and Military Helicopter pilots flying today are part of the Tiger Alumni.

Our training team has grown and diversified over the years and includes trainers who cannot be listed here for security reasons.

Our Team

Captain Alan Ramsden
Captain Alan RamsdenHead of Training
Captain Ramsden began flying helicopters at 17 years of age. He now has over 40 years and 8,500 hours flying experience on helicopters and airlines.

His qualifications include EASA and FAA Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence, together with numerous instructor and examiner qualifications.

Captain Simon Everall
Captain Simon EverallResident CAA Examiner & Flight Instructor
Captain Everall has over 3,000 hours of flying experience as a Helicopter Instructor.
Approved as a UK CAA Examiner, he is an experienced team leader of 14 Flight Instructors.

Captain Everall has trained many students from all over the world and helped them to develop their aviation English language skills.

Captain James Davies
Captain James DaviesCommercial & Military Flight Instructor
Captain Davies has over 3,000 hours of Instructional flight experience and leads our Military Basic course delivery programme.

He is the advanced Commercial Instructor on the Tiger Team and specialises in delivering Civil conversion training to Military Pilots.

Captain Nic Owen
Captain Nic OwenHead of ATPL Ground School
Captain Owen has over 10,000 hours as a pilot and Flying Instructor and has many years of experience teaching the ATPL ground subjects to overseas students.

He is an approved UK CAA Flight, Ground school and Radio Telephony Examiner.

Captain Garry Hodge
Captain Garry HodgeCivil & Military Liaison Officer
Captain Hodge is the Tiger Contract Liaison Officer for the UK and Foreign Governments, as well as OEMs.

Having organised and overseen the delivery of the initial Kuwait Police and subsequent contracts, his drive and enthusiasm is passed on to all of our trainee pilots.


If you have any questions about the team or you have specific training requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always growing and we have specific capabilities available for Military and Civil training.

All our training is based at our state of the art facilities in Shobdon, North Herefordshire.